COMMANDS – Each compressed (bzip2) tar file contains a directory of C-language code and associated Makefiles and manual pages. Report bugs or suggestions to .

focmec – Determine earthquake mechanisms from seismic/geodetic observations. focmec.tar.bz2

hypocc – High-resolution multi-event hypocenter location using differential and absolute arrival-time data. hypocc.tar.bz2

mkdtdat – Generate time-difference data for hypocc from earthquake catalogs and waveforms. mkdtdat.tar.bz2

mkmdl3d – Generate binary three-dimensional regional seismic-wave models. mkmdl3d.tar.bz2

momten – Compute the moment-tensor representation of a seismic source mechanism. momten.tar.bz2

mtdecomp – Decompose a moment tensor into volumetric, double-couple, and CLVD components. mtdecomp.tar.bz2

tomo4d – Four-dimensional (time-dependent) local-, regional-, and teleseismic-earthquake tomography. Needs qpack and mkmdl3d. tomo4d.tar.bz2

qpack – prepare seismic data for input to the qloc and tomo4d commands. qpack.tar.bz2

qselect – Select earthquake “summary” records satisfying user-defined criteria. qselect.tar.bz2

qvalues – Read values from earthquake “summary” records. qvalues.tar.bz2